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School Uniform

To create a feeling of community and identity within the school all children at Landywood are required to wear a school uniform. A smart uniform allows pupils to demonstrate pride in their school.

Please visit our Policies section of the website to read our Uniform Policy.

Landywood Uniform

 The items listed below may be unbranded or contain the school logo.

  • Royal Blue Sweatshirt or Cardigan
  • Grey Trousers plain Straight legged
  • Skirt grey 
  • Grey Pinafore dress
  • White Polo Shirt
  • White or Grey long Socks
  • White, Grey or Black short socks
  • Grey Tights
  • Flat Black Shoes (3cm max heel height)
  • Book Bag
  • Suitable coat

In Summer

  • Blue/White gingham dress
  • Grey shorts

Unacceptable Items

  • Flip Flops
  • Jeans
  • Jewellery
  • Boots
  • Trainers
  • Sandals

For PE

  • Black shorts.
  • Black leggings.
  • House Team round neck T-shirt, depending on the team your child is in, Red, Blue, Green or Yellow.                (Reception and above years).
  • Nursery Children wear plain white round neck T-Shirt.
  • Royal Blue Hoodie. 
  • Pumps or trainers
  • Swimming Cap (optional)
  • Earrings should be removed for PE.
  • Hair bobbles to tieback hair.

Optional Extras with school logo from our approved uniform companies

  • Fleece.
  • Reversible Coat.
  • Cap.
  • Pump Bag.

Hair styles

  • No extreme hair styles
  • No tramlines/etchings
  • No unnatural hair colouring.




Crested School Wear


Crested School Wear

67 High Green

Cannock Town


WS11 1BN



Tel. 01543 504866


Branded Clothing & Signage Uk Ltd


 Unit F

11-13 Coleshill Road



B75 7AA



Tel. 0121 355 0441

Use Stikins As Clothes Labels

With Stikins, labelling your children’s clothing has never been easier. Sewing and ironing on labels can be time consuming and tricky, especially when you have a whole uniform to label. When more than one child is involved it becomes even more of a struggle! Our unique stick on clothes labels offer a quick and simple alternative. Featuring a unique adhesive, which is only available on Stikins labels, our clothes labels can be used to label all kinds of fabric items in seconds. Stikins are made with a soft, flexible plastic, which won't cause irritation or discomfort when items are worn. Thanks to the unique adhesive, they will also stay put in washing machines and tumble-dryers!

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Pre-loved Uniform Scheme and Textile Recycling Programme


Pre-Loved Uniform Scheme


Aims to find new homes for pre-worn school clothing which has life left in it. Families are invited to donate branded or non-branded school jumpers, cardigans, black joggers and royal blue school hoodies their child has grown out of and which they consider to be in a ‘nearly new’ condition. Items donated to the scheme should be free of stains and tears.


Donated items will be sorted and washed in school and made available for parents to purchase at a ‘Pre-Loved’ school uniform sale, in the school hall on specified dates throughout the year. Additional sales will be held at both Parents’ Evenings. Items can be purchased at a cost £1.00 per item during these three days. Families who are facing financial hardship can request through Mrs Altree to be given pre-loved school uniform items at no cost.


This scheme will help us to reduce the environmental impact of school uniform waste at Landywood, whilst making good quality clothing available for our families.


The donation point for our Pre-loved Uniform Scheme is: the school office.


Textile Recycling Programme

Our successful Textile Recycling Programme operates alongside our Pre-loved Uniform Scheme. This aims to recycle any uniform or clothing items which are not in a suitable state to be used by others. Families are invited to donate any textiles they no longer want, these can be torn or stained. Items that aren’t suitable to be passed onto someone else can be recycled and made into new items, such as padding for chairs and car seats, cleaning cloths and industrial blankets, whilst raising money for school fund.


The donation point for our Textile Recycling Scheme are the textile recycling bins located:

  • Next to the steps/ramp to the top playground
  • Outside the Annex on the car park