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Landywood Primary School

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  2. Home Learning


Home Learning

What is the purpose of Home Learning?

In order to extend the concept of traditional homework and to provide a more varied and fulfilling range of tasks, Landywood uses the term Home Learning.

Its purpose includes:

  • To learn new skills and knowledge
  • To practise skills and knowledge as a follow up to lessons in school
  • To prepare for lessons due to happen in school
  • To develop independent study skills and good study habits
  • To improve skills and confidence in different areas of study
  • To develop an enquiring mind
  • To provide opportunities for 1:1 attention
  • To enable parents to take an interest in and support their child’s learning
  • To encourage children to explore areas of interest to them.

Home Learning Guidance

Home Learning gives parents/carers an opportunity to be involved in their child’s learning. It consolidates the knowledge, understanding and skills taught in school.  As children progress throughout the school home learning will enable them to become more independent learners.



Regular weekly home learning throughout the school will consist of: 

  • Reading every night for 10 minutes
  • Learning spellings/phonics (spelling lists are given on Mondays and are tested Fridays)
  • Times tables/number facts 
  • Maths – every Friday to be completed for Tuesday
  • English – every Friday to be completed for Tuesday

Maths and English Home Learning will be differentiated to cater for the needs of the children.