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Sport at Landywood


P.E. Curriculum Overview


After School Clubs 2022/2023 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

KS2 Football


KS2 Football


KS2 Football



Kombat Kids( lunchtime)

KS1 Multi-skills

Forest Group (Yrs 4, 5 & 6)

Kombat Kids( lunchtime)

KS1 Dodgeball

Forest Group (Yrs 1, 2 & 3)

Kombat Kids( lunchtime)

KS1 Mini Tennis



Wednesday KS2 Competition practice (invite only) KS2 Competition practice (invite only) KS2 Competition practice (invite only)

KS2 Basketball

KS2 Dance

KS2 Football team (invite only)

KS2 Dodgeball

KS1 Dance


KS2 Dance

KS2 Cricket and Rounders

KS2 Football team (invite only)

Friday KS1 Football KS1 Football KS1 Football

Children must wear school PE kit for all activities and have appropriate clothing and footwear for both inside and out. Children will need a drink and any medication (e.g. inhalers) must be taken to the club with them.  The children will be dismissed from the key stage 1 doors at the end of the session.

MiMove App

We are excited to introduce miMove, a new app that our school has purchased to help us support the physical activity of our children.

What is miMove?

MiMove is  a ground breaking app that helps us support your child in developing activity as part of their life.  It does this by giving useful information that allows us to review the effectiveness of our work.  It allows  us to celebrate individual progress and identify where we could offer support.  Our aim is for miMove is to encourage children to be more active -  it is all about their personal physical  activity journey and promoting them to improve it.  The app does not make comparisons with other children, it is designed to support each child and help them become more active.

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Landywood's Swimming Awards

Swimming is a vital part of your child’s development and is an important part of our PE curriculum and Landywood.  Children in Key Stage 2 participate in weekly swimming lessons.  Our school swimming award system focuses on the important values and behaviours as children’s swimming skills develop.  Children receive progressive swimming awards are they are move along the pathway, which are presented in our termly Sporting Achievement Assemblies.

By the time our pupils left in Year 6 they, achieved the following;



Evidence based upon Landywood Primary School Swimming Awards scheme.

Percentage based upon 32 children in current cohort.

Can swim confidently and proficiently at least 25m. 



Can confidently enter and safely exit the water.



Can preform self rescues in different water situations.


Can use a range of strokes efficiently and swim competently. 




Evidence based upon Landywood Primary School Swimming Awards scheme.


Click the here to view Landywood's Swimming Awards

Parents School Swimming Guide

A Parents Guide to Swimming

Sporting Celebrations

Sport at Landywood is important.  Our Sports Lead Mr Clewer and our Sports Coach Mr Sellman have been working hard to further develop the provision across school, making maximum use of the Sports Premium funding we receive.  The sporting provision for this year looks to be an exciting year.