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WOW Fitness Programme


WOW Active Physical Programme


The WOW Active Physical Programme was introduced to Landywood in September 2023 and has received an enthusiastic response from our children and families.


The Programme has been developed by Premier Education to monitor and improve children’s fitness. It is delivered as a fully inclusive scheme, with Coaches from Premier Education delivering fun and engaging sessions in school each term.


To monitor and support each child’s individual fitness journey, children will carry out the same activities throughout the year, adapted as required according to their needs.


Activities include:

  • Step ups on the bench
  • Side sets using the bench
  • Star jumps or frog jumps (dependent on age)
  • Hoop Jumps
  • Shuttle Runs!


Results from each assessment are input into a portal which families can access to monitor their child’s fitness journey. As a school, we use this data to adapt our PE lessons and other physical activities to support children on their fitness journey and to help every child to achieve their personal best.


The portal can be accessed through!/login



Landywood’s journey to increasing physical activity in school


Over the past two years we have increased the levels of physical activity for all of our children during the school week - we believe active children become active learners and have seen benefits in concentration and behaviour.


Children continue to enjoy a daily mile as well as regular PE lessons with both their class teachers and Mr Sellman. Our older children enjoy swimming lessons as part the Landywood Swimming Curriculum.


Our annual Sports Week, offers a dedicated week of sports fun where children get to develop new skills and try new events. Alongside the practical activities, children learn about the importance of good nutrition and an active lifestyle.


Our Play Leaders support active break and lunchtimes, promoting traditional playground games where children are moving and running. Every playground in school benefits from equipment such as hula hoops, bean bags, frisbees and more, giving children a wealth of games to choose from. Our football playground continues to be a huge draw for our older children, developing skills and fitness.


Our after-school clubs offer a wealth of opportunities for children to engage in physical activity and learn new skills, our sports teams for Cross Country and Football are going from strength to strength with new teams added. Our lunchtime club for Kombat Kids Karate continues to grow and thrive.


Our new Outdoor Curriculum, launched this school year, gives children time away from desks and into an outdoor environment where they enjoy practical, active learning. Our new orienteering programme, takes even more learning outside.


Our bike shed offers a place for children to safely store bikes and scooters and our golden token scheme for travel to school, encourages children to utilise their bikes and scooters where possible.


We will continue to develop opportunities for our children to engage in physical activity and with the support from our families, look forward to seeing fitness at Landywood continue to grow.


WOW Active Testimonials


You can rest assured the children will love the activities and challenges, WOW Active have made a significant contribution to improving our school fitness, health and academic levels.

Eddie McNamara, Deputy Head, St Catherine of Sienna


I had the privilege of being in one of the WOW Active sessions and was very impressed with both coaches, they were organised, clear, encouraging and most of all caring towards our children.

Jane McKiney, Headteacher Lyndon Green Junior School


After completion of the WOW Active programme, the end of year review we received was very comprehensive and provided the school with some great data! Thank you for the excellent service the company has delivered this year, the coaches have been fantastic and all the staff and children have nothing but positive things to say.

Leeana Ashford, PE Coordinator at Sharpness Primary School


WOW Active provides the children with an exciting, engaging scheme to pursue a better quality of health and participation. It caters for children who love sport and even those who do not.

James Cargill, PE Lead, Forestdale Primary School


WOW Active provide a fantastic service, that has a real positive impact on children’s fitness. The reports and data that is produced is vital for me to help track pupils progress and target those children who need support.

Mr Fowler, PE Lead, St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School


The WOW Active programme has been an integral part of our P.E curriculum for years now. Not only does it provide key data and reports but it also gives children a chance to thrive and achieve by gaining personal bests each time. Children walk away from assessments with a sense of achievement and determination to better their scores next time.

Sophie Eccles, PE lead, Brickhouse Primary School