Welcome to Landywood Primary School.

On behalf of all the Governors, Staff and Children I would like to extend a warm welcome to our school, we hope that you and your child enjoy your time with us.


At Landywood Primary School every child is as important as the next. In short, every child matters. Everyone at Landywood is committed to providing a caring and friendly school, a happy place to learn because happy children make engaged learners.


Our Ofsted inspection judged the school to be good in all areas.  The inspectors identified "The curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils make good progress in English and Mathematics and develop their skills and knowledge in a range of other subjects through school's creative curriculum."  Please click the link within 'Key Information' to download the Ofsted Report.


Landywood Primary School is an inclusive community and we promote tolerance and respect for all. We value the individual contributions our pupils bring to school and we encourage and support them to fulfil their potential.


Our aim as a school is to provide a warm, friendly, atmosphere in a safe, caring environment, where children will be happy and successful.  To achieve this, it is important that the school and home work together in partnership.  This partnership is built through a regular dialogue between parents, child and school.


We want all children to achieve the highest possible standards and make maximum progress in relation to their prior learning. We want children to enjoy acquiring and using knowledge and skills to question and explore, to acquire positive attitudes, to gain independence, to become lifelong learners.


Want to know more about our school? Have a good look at our website and even better, get in touch and arrange a visit.


Thank you for visiting!


Mr Clewer





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February Half Term Holiday19Feb2018

Teacher Training Day - School closed to children26Feb2018

8:35 am - 3:45 pm

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School open for children27Feb2018

8:35 am - 3:35 pm

Book Fair28Feb2018

School Council Meeting 11am01Mar2018

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David & Anita Owen(less than a week ago)

In September 2017 we began working with Landywood Primary as part of a scheme run by Beanstalk, a charity involvedin the recruitment of volunteers to help children with their reading. On the preliminary visit we were taken to all parts of the school and were impressed by the wonderfully creative environment, rich with displays, the purposeful atmosphere of the classrooms and above all, the well-mannered pupils with good social skills and social graces. Working closely with pupils, we have observed that they are keen to learn and proud of their achievements. For example, one stopped us in the corridor to show us the 100% attendance badge and the Headmaster’s award badge (his second!), awarded for reading and writing, which he was proudly wearing. Children are clearly happy at school. Signs such as “Being the best we can possibly be” and “our values” are clearly displayed and serve as reminders, instilling a sense of pride and belonging in pupils (and staff too!) According to some parents, the appointment of Mr Clewer, as Head Teacher, supported by his diedicated staff has proven key to the school’s success. Anita and David Owen Volunteer Readers

Claire Dare - Severn Trent Water(less than a month ago)

A massive big thank you to Mr Clewer, the staff and the delightful children at Landywood who made my Water Assembly a total pleasure to deliver. Your Fairy Wood Land Reception area took my breath away, it was the most creative, inspiring and interesting entrance to a school that I have ever visited...truly amazing!!!

Helen Lloyd(less than a month ago)

I just wanted to say Thank You to Landywood for giving Grace the opportunity yesterday to attend Great Wyrley High School's recording studio to record a poem she had wrote for Remembrance Day. Grace, along with Mr. Clewer and three other children from Year 2, spent time in the recording studio and came home with a CD and photo. This opportunity given to her by Landywood has given her the chance to experience something new and will be something she will always remember. Another proud "Mummy & Daddy" moment to look back on.

Emma Trow(about a month ago)

I would just like to say what a fantastic Christmassy afternoon we've had today with Olivia's Around the World assembly, the Carol singing and choir and the Christmas fair and tea room. We all had a lovely time and it was such a nice atmosphere too. Well done to everyone involved and thank you! Best regards and Merry Christmas, Emma Trow.

Explore Learning Centre(a couple of months ago)

Thank you so much for entering a team into the National Young Mathematicians’ Award 2017 – we’re thrilled to say your team will progress into the Regional Finals of the competition! Here’s some feedback for Team Landywood: the team demonstrated great team work and earned points for deciding and demonstrating how to work as a team, agreeing on their strategies, and checking the answers of others. They were able to identify five discreet paths that total 75, and demonstrated reasoning to support there only being five paths. They showed evidence of having worked systemically, but lost marks for not noticing there are gaps, or being able to explain why these gaps are present. Please do pass on my loudest WELL DONE to the children – it was wonderful to see their enthusiasm and attitude towards solving the problem. Gaby Explore Learning Centre Manager

Mrs E Trow(a couple of months ago)

I would just like to say what a fantastic Christmassy afternoon we've had today with Olivia's Around the World assembly, the Carol singing and choir and the Christmas fair and tea room. We all had a lovely time and it was such a nice atmosphere too. Well done to everyone involved and thank you! Best regards and Merry Christmas, Emma Trow.

Louise Monger(a couple of months ago)

I am writing as I would like it to be formally recognised that the staff at Landywood have gone above and beyond in caring for my son Jacob who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in April 2017; he was just 4 years old at the time and in Nursery. The nursery staff cared for Jacob very well and made sure he had insulin via injections for his snacks; they were all keen to engage in the training delivered by the diabetes nurse and although I know and understand their natural anxieties around this I was impressed by their attitude; all staff appeared committed to doing their best to look after Jacob. During the Summer holidays Jacob moved on to using an insulin pump which we hoped would help keep his blood glucose levels stable. However, as a mum I was extremely worried about yet more training for teaching staff and him attending school all day; I had a million worries; how would he cope all day, who would make sure his blood glucose levels remained stable all day, who would help him at lunch time and how would PE and playtimes be monitored. What would happen if he had a hypo (low blood sugar) and no-one noticed. What if he was given insulin for his lunch but then didn't eat it all? All of these reservations have been completely allayed and within the first week of Jacob starting Reception class the teaching staff were managing his pump independently. I have been extremely impressed by the staff's approach to Jacob; they have ensured his medical needs are met extremely well and safely but importantly for me they have made sure his diabetes does not define him. He is never treated any differently or separated from his friends and peers unless necessary and these instances are kept to a minimum because of the effectiveness of the team's monitoring of Jacob's condition. Importantly for me the staff always communicate with me via a book about what he has been doing and how his blood glucose levels have been each day. When there is additional activity's such as parties the staff again ensure Jacob joins in and they take on the care and responsibility of ensuring his insulin and blood glucose in managed appropriately. They have taken the initiative on more than one occasion and I have felt overwhelmed at times by the dedication and care they have shown Jacob. Literally the staff care for Jacob as I would do. Nothing is too much for them. I would like to extend this compliment to the dinner staff and cook Yvonne who have also engaged in training and keep a close eye on Jacob at lunch time making sure he has the right dose of insulin for the carbohydrates he consumes. I know the cook works out the ingredients of the foods to determine the number of carbohydrates in his meals. I was anxious about him having school dinners because I would not be there to work out the carbohydrates which I could do in advance if I sent in a packed lunch. Jacob wanted school dinners like his friends and your staff have ensured this is possible and I have every confidence in their ability to make sure he is safe. Please can this compliment be forwarded to the Board of Governors and Local Authority. I am aware from being involved with support groups of other Type 1 diabetic children in the City that not every school in the borough is as effective at meeting this kind of additional needs for children in their care which is disappointing. I am very pleased with Landywood and both the academic input as well as additional care they provide. I cannot fault them and hope they are praised highly for their care of my son. Kindest regards Louise Monger

Mrs Lee(a couple of months ago)

Thank you to the lovely Mrs Smith the Cook for going above and beyond to provide a healthy lunch for my son which he really enjoyed.

David Attenborough(a couple of months ago)

Dear Mrs Whitworth Thank you for sending me letters from your pupils. I first received such groups of letters- some sent separately, some in a bundle - several years ago. I was charmed, as indeed I still am,that the children concerned should have written to me (even though they had clearly been encouraged to do so by their teacher). So I did my best to answer them all individually. As time passed, however the numbers of schools writing to me increased. Perhaps word had got around among primary schools that I would answer such letters. At any rate, I had to abandon giving individual answers and instead give collective ones. Since then the number of such packages has increased still further. Recently, I received four such bundles in a week, each containing several dozen letters, one of which asked thirty questions, Several ,of course ask the same questions but even allowing for that, between them a week's batch of letters can ask me some two or three hundred separate questions. Assuming each could be answered in about a minute, that amount to five or six hours spent on that part of my correspondence alone. Clearly I cannot deal properly with all if am also to continue making programmes. May I therefore request that you thank the children for their interest and explain that although I cannot reply to every letter individually, I am delighted to know that they find my programmes interesting. I return their letters with this.

Explore Learning(a couple of months ago)

I want to wish you all a huge congratulations on getting through to the regional final of this year's National young Mathematicians Award! It really is a fantastic achievement for all of your pupils who took part, and we're really excited to see some amazing Maths skills demonstrated in the next round.

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