E-safety Day 2019



 Safer Internet Day 2019 was celebrated globally with the theme: “Together for a better internet”.

 Here at Landywood, we talked about how the internet is changing constantly and what a positive impact that it can have to develop the world we live in.  We also talked about the dangers that this can bring. We believe in teaching the children to be responsible when working online and how to deal with situations that they may face when playing on games, apps and social media. We looked online and how easily things can be shared to strangers. Through discussions, role play, games and quizzes, the children shared their knowledge and skills in how to stay safe online.

 All the children took part in a competition to design and create our very own Landywood E-safety poster.

Our winners are Logan and Freya. Congratulations! Look out for the winning posters around school to help remind everyone how to be responsible and keep safe online.


Key Stage 1 E-Safety Poster Winner Freya


E-Safety Key Stage 2  winner Logan