Landywood Primary School

Pupil Zone

At Landywood we place a large emphasis on pupil voice. We have developed aspects within the informal and formal curriculum which are designed to promote pupil ownership of learning. Pupils' opinions are valued, used to influence the decision making process within the school environment and pupils are encouraged to become partners in their own education. There is wide recognition across our school that this is an essential element in raising attainment and in the provision of high quality learning and teaching.


We believe pupil voice improves pupil engagement, on well-being, behaviour, citizenship and learning.  Relationships between pupil-staff and pupil-pupil certainly develop too.  Such opportunities also increase pupils personal, social and communication skills.


Pupil voice happens in a variety of ways. Some of these are:

  • As part of Assessment for Learning
  • By involving pupils in school self-evaluation and assessment
  • Groups such as school council and Head Teacher Breakfasts
  • Developing resources and facilities (e.g. Sport, IT)
  • Fundraising, links with charities and with the wider community
  • Improvements to the school environment (e.g. school buildings, playground)
  • Involvement with staff recruitment
  • Involvement with planning extra-curricular activities
  • Involvement with planning, reviewing and implementing school policies
  • Involvement with School Improvement Plan and Self Evaluation Form
  • Consultation mechanisms such as surveys, suggestion boxes and circle time



 Available Job Vacancies

Every year our Year 5 & Year 6 pupils are invited to apply for the following roles within Landywood:-

  • Play Leader
  • Office Support
  • Librarian
  • Outdoor Library Team
  • Key Stage 1 Spelling Support
  • Digital Leader
  • Police Cadet (Yr6 only). 

All applications must be completed on the application form provided below please click on the link to download.

Application Form