How will assessment work now?
The programmes of study in the National Curriculum, set out expectations for pupils at the end of each Key Stage.

Following our research, we use Classroom Monitor as our assessment tracker from Nursery through to Year 6.  Within Early Years, we also use Tapestry to enable staff and parents to upload collaboratively evidence demonstrating learning.  

This takes the end of year expectations for each year group and describes children’s attainment as follows:

* Emerging Developing- yet to be secure in emerging statements

* Emerging —Secure in emerging statement

* Expected developing- yet to be secure in the end of year expected statements

* Expected — secure in the majority of the end of year expected statement

* Exceeding — secure in almost all or all the end of year expectations

* Mastery — able to use and apply their knowledge and skills confidently

The Department for Education(DfE) want children who are in the ‘exceeding’ bracket to add more depth and breadth to their knowledge, and to have more opportunities to develop their using and applying skills. They are calling this phase of learning Mastery and Depth. Only exceptional children will move into working towards the end of year expectations from the year above. Similarly, children who are unlikely to be emerging at the end of the year may work towards the expectations from the year below. Guidance from the DfE explains that schools’ assessment systems must check that pupils are on track to meet expectations at the end of the Key Stage.

The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) has published frameworks for teacher assessment for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. These frameworks are intended to support teachers in making accurate judgements for pupils at the end of the two Key Stages.

SATs results will be reported as scaled scores. Schools that do not use this will be judged only on attainment when these pupils reach the end of KS2.


Click on this link to see our latest Key Stage 2 performance table.


Teacher Assessment Judgements 2020

Key Stage 1


       77% (TA)    75% National 2019


       75% (TA)    69% National 2019


       79% (TA)    76% National 2019

Key Stage 2


       84% (TA)   73% National 2019                            


      81% (TA)    78% National 2019


      77% (TA)    79% National 2019


*TA = Teacher Assessment,  Nat = National 2019 Interim