Pumpkin Project

Year 6 have begun their horticultural project involving growing pumpkins!

The project will span across this academic year and continue into the autumn once the children have left to start their secondary school. After this, our current year 1 will continue to care for the crop and harvest them in October. Once the crop is harvested the pumpkins will feature in our year 7 returners evening.

Day 1 (23.4.18) Preparing the seeds for germination.

Today we prepared our pumpkin seeds for germination. We did this using: sand paper, kitchen towel, warm water and a plastic bag. We sanded the edges of each seed in order to remove some of the casing. A pumpkin seed is very tough for a shoot to emerge so removing the tough edge makes it easier for a delicate shoot to break through.

Once we had completed this we wrapped the seeds in a paper towel and soaked it in warm water. Each towel was then placed into a plastic bag and sealed. This creates a mini greenhouse for the seeds to have the right conditions to grow. We then placed them near the window to keep them

Please keep checking here to see the progress of our project.


Day 4 (26.04.18)

We have shoots!!!! they are rather tiny but they are definitely there.


Day 16 (08.05.18)

More seeds have now started to germinate so we have planted the seeds in pots. They are sitting near the window to keep them nice and warm. We hope to see seedlings soon.



Day 18 (10.05.18)

We are looking closely, still nothing yet!

Day 26 (18.05.18)

WOW! We have pumpkin plants! We are keeping them warm and well-watered. I wonder how many we will have after the weekend……

Day 53 (14/06/18)

Preparing the ground for planting out


Due to the very warm weather in the Summer our pumpkin plants do not appear to have produced any pumpkins. We look forward to starting the project again next Spring.

All fingers crossed for then.