Outdoor Learning

Our magnificent Water Wall

We’re delighted to announce, that we’ve further improved our EYFS outdoor learning environment with the addition of a magnificent Water Wall.

Our new Water Wall has the following features:

* Giant rain cloud

* Water reservoir

* Moveable water channels

* ‘Shishi Odishi’ water tipper

* Water wheel

* Semi-rotary hand pump

Bringing water play to life, it will develop children’s understanding of scientific topics such as gravity, the water cycle, water recycling, water flow, gravity and kinetic energy. It will also aid in the teaching of balance and equilibrium, mass and weight of materials (water and plastic) and source to mouth.

In addition, it challenges key skills in problem solving, teamwork, communication and encourages higher level thinking. It’s fantastically fun too – the cloud can pour enough water down the wall to keep the water wheel spinning and shishi odishi tipping for 2 minutes.

The children will also have lots of fun pumping water up to the Giant Rain Could forcing it to rain. This wonderful feature will become a fantastic way to teach children about clouds and other weather topics including droughts and floods.

We worked with Pentagon Play on this project and highly recommend them to any school looking to develop their outdoor learning environment. You can visit their website here – www.pentagonplay.co.uk