Landywood's Activity Passport

As part of Landywood's exciting Creative Curriculum, we have created our own Activity Passport. The passport contains a list of 50 activities and adventures that children can experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

A key feature of our ethos is developing children's character, confidence, health and resilience. The passport will introduce children to a wide variety of opportunities to help develop these key life skills.

Within the list of activities, children will find things they want to come back to again and again. For some children, they will experience something they have never done before.

Every child will participate in a wide range of memorable activities which are recorded each school year. These experiences enable the schools broad curriculum to further enhance the development of each child through inspiring them to problem-solve and to see or visit new places and develop wide interests in new subjects. Within the list of activities are opportunities for children to engage in social action that helps them make positive changes for themselves and others.

The development of a firm foundation of wellbeing and resilience in our pupils is central to our school. Immersing children in activities that can build their confidence, develop their curiosity and support their growth beyond academic attainment, so they can enjoy emotional wellbeing throughout their lives is very important.