Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC)


Spiritual Development

How it is promoted in our school

Landywood Values Vision Tree

Whole School Assemblies

Rainbow/Maths Celebration

Visits from local vicar

Class Assemblies


Life Education

School prayer

Visits from Members of the local Community

Forest School

Themed Days

Musical Instrument Lessons

Residential Trips

Curriculum Topics

Relax Kids sessions

Charity work

Curriculum – art, music, dance, drama

Story time

Reflection Time in the morning

Landywood Passport


Impact on Pupils

Children are able to understand what the Landywood Values are and what is required to be a well-rounded person.

Pupils are able to reflect on their own and support other’s achievements.

Children have developed their attitudes and principles.

Pupils experience/discuss different types of religions.

Pupils have an awareness and understanding of their own and other’s beliefs, and how they can differ.

Pupils develop their resilience and ability to relax and reflect.

Pupils are able to explore their own environment and ask questions about their surroundings.

Pupils are able to reflect on their learning.

Teachers provide learning experiences which enable children to make connections between the different aspects of their learning.