Is your child a scientist, a budding musician, a keen sports player, a writer or a mathematician? At Landywood Primary School, we have designed our curriculum to reflect the importance of a broad and balanced education. We believe that pupils should have the opportunity to experience a wide-ranging curriculum where they are provided with a range of opportunities to progress. Our values are at the heart of everything we do and our main aim is to create successful, resilient, ambitious and determined learners who are willing to take risks.

Our Curriculum prepares pupils at Landywood Primary School for the prospects, responsibilities and experiences of later life, through an engaging, progressive and well-constructed approach.

Our curriculum design is based on a reflective process and has been created based on consultations and considerations from pupils, staff, governors and parents, in order to reflect the needs of our school and its pupils. Each subject's resources and design have been carefully considered to ensure pupils are engaged and engrossed in every lesson. They are regularly reviewed and revised by pupil voice, subject leaders and governors.


The key emphasis of the balanced and broad curriculum at Landywood Primary School is reflected in our timetable. On Fridays, after our celebration whole school celebration assembly and our weekly Refresh Maths, the whole school solely teaches foundation subjects to allow pupils to immerse themselves into their subjects. As a result, pupils are able to deepen their learning and develop their skills across an entire day. Whilst we maintain a thematic approach, subjects are taught discretely to ensure children are instilled with a sense of confidence in each area. This contributes to the ethos of balance across subjects, and ensures pupils have a wide range of experiences with equal focus.

At Landywood, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development of pupils is embedded throughout lessons and everyday aspects of school life. At our school, we have a thoughtful and wide ranging promotion of pupils’ SMSC development and their physical well-being, which enables them to thrive in a supportive and accepting community.

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We also understand the importance of developing the children’s character and we integrate a wide variety of opportunities to ensure our Character Education Programme is effective.   We believe that to fully achieve balanced, well-rounded children we must ensure our curriculum is  rigorous and stretching but also ensures a high focus on pupils’ wider personal development.  Our character education programme helps our pupils to develop their self-control, emotional intelligence resilience to keep trying and achieve their potential. 

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