Parent Workshops



Please use the links below to access all the information from our parents workshops.

1.   Meet the Headteacher

2.   Reading at Home

3a. Helping your child with Maths

3b. Helping your child with maths meeting.

4.   Spelling Strategies.

4a. Yr 1 & Yr 2 Spelling mat

4b. Yr 3 & Yr 4 Spelling Mat

4c. Yr 5 & Yr 6 spelling Mat

5. Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

5a. SRE Letter

6. Reception New Parents Evening

7 . Supporting Maths Coffee Morning

8. Maths Coffee Morning

9. KS2 SAT's parent meeting

10. KS2 SAT's meeting 

11.Reading at Home.

12. Writing for Pleasure.

13. Phonics and GPS Workshop.

14. Phonics Workshop




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