With recent events and news related to challenges and dangerous games online, here are some helpful videos that you can use with children at home to help protect them and use the internet safely. The videos are child friendly and discuss important messages and issues without any scary content. 







Momo challenge: Why it isn't real and you don't need to worry - CBBC Newsround - bbc.co.uk

Some of you may have heard the false rumours about a character called Momo. You may have seen people talking about it on social media or even at school or clubs that you go to. The character ...



What to do if you see something upsetting

If you’ve seen something upsetting online, or something makes you feel scared or worried, that’s normal. There are places you can go and people you can speak to for help.


Has something scared you online?

The Internet is great. But it can be a scary place and you can sometimes end up seeing things, you wish you hadn't.