Curriculum Newsletters for Parents


To help you support your child with their learning, every year group issues a curriculum newsletter every half term. This will advise you what your child will be learning about in class in each area of the curriculum.

We hope our newsletters will help you support your child's learning.  As well as your child reading, working on their times-tables and spellings every night we ask that you support their wider learning too.  Examples of this support could include:-

  • Helping your child choose books from the local library which relate to their topic
  • Play word games like "I Spy", Boggle, Scrabble and Hangman to build their vocabulary and improve their spelling.
  • The basis for good writing is good talk. Encourage your child to talk, at length, in full sentences, about things they have done or places they have visited.
  • Find websites which support their maths, English and topic work. BBC KS1 and KS2 Bitesize websites are a good starting point. (Please check the content of other website pages first).
  • Ask questions regarding mental maths strategies - money calculations when shopping, weighing ingredients when cooking, time questions using clocks, asking them quick fire addition and subtraction questions, etc. Let your children see how you use maths every day.
  • Challenge your child to copy some sentences from their reading book using their neatest handwriting.

All of these examples would make a real impact in helping your child's knowledge and skills.  By spending short periods of time everyday with your child, supporting their learning will be of real benefit.

Should you have any questions, or would like some further ideas as to how best to support your child, please speak to their class teacher.

The curriculum newsletters for each year group are available for your information:


 Curriculum  Newsletters 2016/2017

Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2


 Nursery   Nursery  Nursery  Nursery  Nursery Nursery
Reception   Reception  Reception  Reception  Reception Reception
  Year 1   Year 1   Year 1  Year 1  Year 1 Year 1
  Year 2   Year 2  Year 2  Year 2  Year 2 Year 2
  Year 3 Year 3 Year 3  Year 3  Year 3 Year 3
Year 4 Year 4  Year 4  Year 4  Year 4 Year 4
  Year 5 Year 5  Year 5  Year 5  Year 5 Year 5
  Year 6   Year 6  Year 6  Year 6  Year 6 Year 6



 Curriculum  Newsletters 2015/2016


Spring 1 2016 Spring 2 2016 Summer 1 2016 Summer 2 2016
Nursery    Nursery  Nursery  Nursery
 Reception   Reception  Reception  Reception
  Year 1  Year 1  Year 1  Year 1
 Year 2   Year 2 Year 2   Year 2
  Year 3  Year 3 Year 3   Year 3
 Year 4  Year 4  Year 4  Year 4
  Year 5  Year 5  Year 5  Year 5
 Year 6  Year 6  Year 6  Year 6